…to my new home. Isn’t it pretty? Make yourself comfortable, pull up a chair, take a beer from the fridge… Did we lose anyone on the trip over from there?; Should we send out a search party? I’m still getting used to a few of the features and generally settling in, but I think I’m going to like it here.

Depending on whether I get round to acting on my great plans, but there maybe a few content changes to accompany this new move. Maybe a little less of the “me me me!!” posts, maybe a little bit of fiction every now and then, a bit more openness and interaction with the wider world. I’m still torn on how anonymous to be… The blog has worked very nicely as a letting-off-steam space for me up to now – more openness always brings bigger responsibilities to be careful about what you say about people you know in the ‘real world’. All things to ponder.

In the meantime make yourself at home, and feel free to leave muddy footprints in the comments box.