I’ve had a long, exhausting day moving house. no energy left to type the posts I wanted to write today. But I just came across something to share.

There’s an application on facebook where you can search to see how many sex offenders live in your zipcode. It gives your their photos. To quote from my facebook news feed (please excuse the edits):

“C found 982 sex offenders living near [zipcode]. Here are the five closest. [shows five photos] See how many live in your area. You may be surprised!

[comment from K] You win – so far you have the most SOs living near you!! No way can someone tell me that “you never know” – look at these peders and tell me you wouldnt now! Especially that last guy? Come….On…..

[comment from C] I hope none of my ex’s are on this list….”

holy. fucking. shit.