Barry Cooper is on a mission. Having been one of the most successful narcotics officers in Texas during an 8 year career, Barry found life wasn’t quite so much fun once he left the force and was himself the target of over-zealous police attention. A little soul searching led him to the conclusion that maybe the law on marijuana possesion was wrong.

Barry explains, “I knew what I was doing was wrong but my need for fame, adrenaline and peer acceptance over road my good conscience.” Barry now realizes this is a war on people not a war on drugs. He explains “This war on people is a failed policy. We have more prisoners of this war in jail then ever before yet even the DEA admits we have more potent drugs and a larger supply of drugs available than ever before.”

So Barry decided to take matters into his own hands, and strike back. He made a DVD: “Barry Cooper’s NEVER Get Busted Again”. Making use of his extensive experience he tells you, the marijuana smoking citizen, how to “Hide Your Stash”, “Fool The Drugs Dogs” and generally outwit the officers. And all for only $19.95 (now accepting Canadian dollars).

The important question.

Q. Is Barry teaching us how to break the law?

A. No. It is clear the law is already being broken. 18 million Americans smoke marijuana daily and 93 million Americans admit to using marijuana at least once in their life. Barry is teaching how to keep from going to jail for an unjustified law that is already being broken daily by millions of non-violent citizens.

Read all about it here. Its classic.