Moll currently hangs around a lot in Chicago, though she can frequently be spotted hanging around (as a technical term) in South America. Occasionally she hangs around in the place she came from. Any or all of these might be the wrong side of the world.

This blog is the equivalent of a pub conversation with friends scattered over the world, that first started out here. It should only ever be taken as seriously as any other pub conversation (ie, not at all). Expect no solutions, no suggestions, no serious political analysis. Only semi-articulated rants, half-arsed observations and occasional self-contradiction.

I took a break from this blog for a while mid-2008, but am now back. You can read a longer discussion of all this here.

One Response to “About”

  1. Zvinaiye Wesley Muteiwa Says:

    Need notes on how to conduct and more importantly document an ethnographic interview please!

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